Logan & John’s Punky Oakland Elopement

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We’re always extremely honored when our own friends trust us to capture their special day, especially when it’s an intimate one! Logan and John first met while working at a college radio station (the same way Lily met them) and bonded over anarchopunk and bicycles. Several years later on a beautiful summer afternoon, we joined them, their family, and a few longtime friends at the unassuming Alameda County Recorder’s office in downtown Oakland for a simple civil ceremony. For analog fun, we brought along our Leica and Diana cameras and some expired film.

In keeping with their punk ethos, they arrived via their favored mode of transport. Logan was a knockout in a 1940s-style blue/black/white dress, gold heels, and turquoise hair, while John rocked a black suit with a navy-and-white floral tie. Friday, it turned out, is a popular day for civil ceremonies so our couple passed the time by…

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Yvonne & Dan’s Handmade Home-Run Los Altos Wedding

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Wiffle ball plays a huge role in Yvonne and Dan’s relationship. When they saw that the Los Altos History Museum sits next to a little league field, they were sold. They had found the perfect spot for their wedding reception. “We knew we could add just a few personal touches to make it our own and that the venue with its own beauty would take care of the rest,” they said.

They’re being modest about “just a few personal touches,” though. Their reception positively beamed with the talent, creativity, and love of our couple, their friends, and family! Together, Yvonne and Dan constructed origami ball icicle lights to hang behind their sweetheart table. Dan painted a Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtle on the ringbearer’s box, and designed the menus, bar sign, and table identifiers (each table was marked with a different word or phrase that was significant to them). While Yvonne…

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Miriam & Mualimu’s Vibrant East Bay Engagement Session

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While we won’t have the pleasure of photographing Miriam and Mualimu’s wedding later this year, we were fortunate to spend some time with them before their big day. Mualimu grew up in Oakland, which made our first stop a no-brainer. Downtown Oakland brims with colorful murals and lovely Art Deco architecture, while nearby Old Oakland boasts broad, leafy sidewalks and carefully restored late-19th-century buildings.

It’s pretty crazy how quickly time flies when you’re running around laughing, being adorable (them, not us!), and chasing the sunlight. Before we knew it, it was time to head over to Emeryville’s Marina Park to catch the sunset, which was spectacular in its rainbow sherbetiness. Here’s a glimpse of the brief time we spent together. We wish them the most magical wedding day ever!

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Jen & Roly’s Multicultural Nella Terra Cellars Wedding

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Seventeen years after Jen and Roly first metand ten years after their first dateit happened. They tied the knot.

After having such a fantastic time with them in Taiwan earlier this year, we couldn’t wait to hang out with them some more on their wedding day. We joined them at the Fremont Marriott Silicon Valley, where the gals giddily helped Jen into her gorgeous strapless mermaid-style gown and the guys painstakingly folded their coral pocket squares between shots of fancy tequila. Roly couldn’t have looked more handsome in his royal blue tuxedo and black bowtie.

From there, they harked back to high school and piled into a yellow school bus, but not before Roly was blindfolded to ensure that he couldn’t sneak any peeks of his lovely bride. The blindfold stayed on even when they reached Nella Terra Cellars, and it wasn’t until after…

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