Lauren & Erich’s Berkeley Country Club Wedding

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Oakland natives Lauren and Erich have been living in Philadelphia for the past few years as they pursue their degrees, but they knew they wanted to get married in the Bay Area. When Lauren’s mom told them about the Berkeley Country Club in El Cerrito and they saw its expansive view of San Francisco and its bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin County, and the rolling hills of the East Bay, they were sold.

The days leading up to their wedding were filled with rain, and we expected the ceremony to be moved indoors when we woke up to drizzle on their special day. However, our couple was determined to have an outdoor wedding and somehow worked their magic.

Shortly before Lauren and Erich saw each other for the first time that day, the skies cleared. The only waterworks during that intimate moment were provided by the bride and groom…

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2017: A Year in Review

What a year!!!!

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How can it be March already?! Well, now that we’ve finally settled into 2018 (or at least stopped dating everything “2017”!), we can look back at the year we had and marvel at the wonderful couples who trusted us to document the next chapter in their lives together. A wedding day brims with beautiful chaos, unbridled love, boisterous laughter, and happy tears, and it’s such an honor being privy to all of it.

The following 150 images represent some of our favorite people and moments of 2017, taken at venues such as Nestldown, City Club of San Francisco, UC Botanical Garden, Ardenwood, Muir Woods (and other fantastic redwood groves!),  Trail’s End Camp, Camp Navarro, Sea Ranch Chapel, Annapolis Winery, Saratoga Springs, and Piedmont Community Hall. While most of our weddings and engagement sessions were in the San Francisco Bay Area…

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Ashleigh & Natalia’s Lands End Whale-Watching & Engagement Session

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Located on the northwestern tip of San Francisco, Lands End boasts windswept, tree-lined trails overlooking the Golden Gate, its iconic bridge, San Francisco Bay, and the Pacific Ocean. It’s a wonderful spot for a (mostly) leisurely hike and we love when couples decide to do their engagement session there.

Ashleigh and Natalia were all sparkling smiles when we met up with them one gorgeous spring day, and we’re pretty sure that’s why whales felt comfortable frolicking nearby. Every few minutes our nature lovers would squeal with delight when they spied one, and we’ll admit it was a challenge keeping our lenses on them instead of the water whenever they did so! In the end, we were able to capture a smidgen of one as it cruised the ocean’s surface.

From there, we made our way to the Sutro Baths, where Ashleigh and Natalia snuggled and danced around its crumbling ruins until…

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Shae & Rye’s San Francisco Rock’n’Roll Engagement

Wild About You Photography

Seattleites Shae and Rye are getting married in Seattle next year but called upon us for a San Francisco engagement session that resonated deeply with our own musically inclined lifestyle.

“One of our mutual hobbies is seeing live music, and I went to a lot of punk and metalcore shows growing up in the Bay Area,” says Shae. “Rye did the same, but mostly in Chico, where he’s from. We go to a lot of shows and craft beer events and have a blast spending time together at those.”

When they decided on the Bottom of the Hill for their backdrop, we knew it’d be perfect for them. The intimate indie-rock institution, which has seen the likes of the White Stripes, the Strokes, Cat Power, and even the Beastie Boys grace its humble stage before they blew up (well, everyone but the Beastie Boys!), has an awesome Pee-wee’s Playhouse vibe…

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