Sarah & Jesse’s SF City Club New Year’s Eve Wedding

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There’s nothing quite like ringing in the new year with your brand-new spouse and your favorite people in the world. Sarah and Jesse did just that, and somehow managed to get married and throw a kickass new year’s eve party with less than five months to plan. Those are some serious superpowers!

The City Club of San Francisco is located in the 1930s Stock Exchange Tower and boasts spectacular art deco details as well as a rooftop that overlooks the city.

“I used to run a ‘scotch club’ in law school that had the same speakeasy vibe as the City Club,” Jesse says, “so I was sold as soon as we walked in. Once Sarah imagined a Gatsby NYE party as her wedding, she was in too.”

Unfortunately for Jesse, he was stricken with a terrible bout of the flu on the day of their wedding. It would take more…

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Alisha & Hamilton’s Nifty Nevada Museum of Art Wedding

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Berkeley music lovers Alisha and Hamilton first met in Portland at a show his band was playing. They immediately hit it off and both eventually had the geographic coordinates of that fateful meeting place tattooed on their shoulders. Many years later, they decided to tie the knot in their “happy place”—Reno.

“It’s a location that we associate 100 percent with leisure, romance, and catching up/being together. We’ve also come to really love the city itself,” says Hamilton. “We knew Reno was an unusual place to pick for a wedding—we have no connection to Nevada otherwise, and none of our guests live there—but we knew that if our guests could make the trip, they wouldn’t regret it.”

Their day started together at the Peppermill, an opulent casino/resort they stayed at during their first Reno visit. With Alisha in a white, off-the-shoulder mini-dress and white ankle boots and Hamilton in a classic…

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Jessica & Kyle’s Hella Oakland Harvest Moon Wedding

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Jessica and Kyle (whom you might recognize from their San Francisco engagement session) met in Oakland, live in Oakland, and stood outside the front steps of the 1876 Camron-Stanford House during the 2015 Warriors championship parade. A little over a year later, they exchanged vows and rings in the manicured garden of the beautifully preserved Italianate Victorian mansion. Located on the western edge of Lake Merritt, the house was the perfect setting for their “hella Oakland” wedding.

Says Jessica, “We’re both pretty laidback people and didn’t want formal catering but still wanted really good food. Food trucks were the perfect answer to meet our needs and we were able to cater to my Persian side of the family with the kabob truck. Of course, a taco truck was a must, given that we live in Oakland and frequent them constantly.”

While Kyle was dashing in a gray suit, Jessica turned…

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Valerie & Billy’s Snazzy Oakland Rock’n’Roll Wedding

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We’ve known Billy and Val for years through the Bay Area music scene so it was no surprise when they announced that their wedding at the Starline Social Club would feature a rock’n’roll reception.

“Our relationship began due to our mutual love of music. Much of Billy’s time is spent teaching and playing music, and probably most of our dates are spent going to shows. We even got engaged at Graceland!” says Valerie. “So it was always clear that music was going to be a big part of our wedding day.”

With its groundfloor bar and upstairs performance venue, the Starline was the perfect spot for our couple. They even chose to have a portion of their engagement session there earlier this year.

“We started frequenting the Starline for a while before we got engaged and, even on our first visit, saw familiar faces of bartenders we knew and felt…

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