I’m a photographer based in Berkeley, CA, who honed my skills shooting skateboarding and rock and roll in the dirty streets and dives of Chicago or wherever my camera took me. Now those skills find themselves being used for weddings, portraiture and travel photography as well. Although I’ve made a few memorable stop-animation music videos in the past, my love for video has been re-ignited for music, time-lapse and stop-animation shooting. I use a multiple array of cameras, including Hasselblad, Nikon and Canon professional DSLRs, rangefinders, Rolleiflex TLR and an always-expanding array of toy cameras.

Currently with Wild About You Photography and occasionally  victim of time rock and roll website. Also find more photos at my flickr site and videos on Vimeo and Youtube.

I also work in a custom Photolab in Berkeley and make beautiful prints all day. If you’re interested in buying a print of any of my work please contact me at candersonha@pacbell.net.

Here’s my cousin and his dog.

Josh Ruckus Boardslide Still Final

Josh Ruckus Boardslide Berkeley | Nikon D700 sigma 12-24 lens

And animated!!!

Josh Ruckus Boardslide Still Final

Josh Ruckus Boardslide Berkeley | Nikon D700 sigma 12-24 lens

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey bro,

    Love your images. Totally epic how you’re taking amazing photos with a bung mirror on your FM2!

    The way your flickr & main wordpress page are synced like they are is perfect… i would love to have mine working in a similar way (only just got a flickr because the photobucket i had went over bandwidth and now my images are all wrecked).
    If you would be able to quickly help me with how to do it i would appreciate it BIG TIME.

    my email: danniogilvie@gmail.com

    keep posting sickshit and hopefully talk soon!



    • Thanks! It’s a green gel that I had on my on camera flash. I use it a lot for my color live music stuff. Might not have even realized I had it on when I shot this. Usually I like that it gives images a surreal green look. I know it’s supposed to be used to balance out a warmer white balance but I like to use it for a look similar to when I shoot cross processed color slide film.You can see it on a lot of my live music stuff on Flickr within the last couple of years. As far as for Time Lapse stuff click the above Vimeo link and there’s quite a few there. I have a lot more footage I haven’t put together yet that’s waiting in the wings so keep an eye out and thanks again!

  2. Hey Canderson thanks for following up so quickly! I actually thought it was a strong reflection I have a neon yellow vest I wear and assumed it was just a reflection as they passed by. But I guess you were’n’t rocking a neon yellow vest! Are you on twitter or facebook? Also I’m going to send a music video your way I’m going to shoot with time lapse/animation and I’d definitely love your opinion. And I know I’m getting way ahead of myself but I think it’d be fun to collaborate with you one day on a video or a shoot. I shoot wedding video so maybe you might need a videographer… but beyond that on I’m talking about collaborating on an experimental project.

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