Burger Boogaloo 2014: Day 2

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The Bay Area isn’t known for consistently balmy summers, but Day 2 of the Burger Boogaloo brought more sunshine and good vibes to Oakland’s Mosswood Park. (In case you missed our recap of Day 1, or simply want to revel in the magic again, it’s here.) Frankly, the day’s lineup, put together by Total Trash Productions and Burger Records, seemed unreal (Ronnie Spector? Really??? And the Gizmos?), so we were eager to see it play out. Here’s our recap, with somehow nearly twice as many photos as Day 1.


We unfortunately missed Pookie & the Poodlez set (it’s so hard leaving the house before noon on a Sunday, y’know?) but arrived during the Summer Twins second song. Their angelic harmonies and shimmering melodies were a fantastic way to kick off our day.

Dirty Ghosts brought their post-punk groove to the party and reminded us on occasion…

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Deanna & Stephen’s Playful South Bay Engagement Session

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Thanks to couples like Deanna and Stephen, we’ve had good reason to visit the South Bay more frequently this year (and indulge in its many delicious restaurants as a result!). Deanna and Stephen are getting married at the historic Rengstorff House next month and invited us to tour the grounds as well as their new home in San Mateo for their engagement session.

Our journey from the East Bay began smoothly (we even got to see where Google lives!)…until we suddenly found ourselves stuck in traffic for the Shoreline Amphitheater, a 22,500-seat concert venue that was hosting a huge music festival that day. Unfortunately for us, there was only one way to the Rengstorff, but with patience and some artful weaving we were waved through the gates of what turned out to be a sprawling park, complete with a golf course and trails.

At the end of the wending park…

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Andrea & BC’s Japanese Tea Garden Engagement Session

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Andrea and BC met while they were both teaching English in Japan. Seven years after they initially met, they returned to Japan for a vacation. While they were strolling through a garden in Tokyo, BC asked a little old Japanese lady to take a photo of them with his camera. She begrudgingly agreed. Andrea had no idea what would happen nextnor did the woman.

Once BC dropped down to one knee and began proposing, Andrea knew exactly what was going on. The woman, on the other hand, kept asking them if she should be taking the photo yet.

To commemorate their comical, one-of-a-kind milestone, Andrea and BC decided to have their engagement session in Golden Gate Park’s photogenic Japanese Tea Garden. Since it’s often crowded with tourists on the weekends, we met them an hour before closing time, hoping to have the park to ourselves. We weren’t…

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Burger Boogaloo 2014: Day 1

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Last year, Oakland’s family-friendly Mosswood Park saw the likes of the Zeros, Jonathan Richman, Redd Kross, the Oblivians, the Trashwomen, and Fuzz attack its open-air stage during the Burger Boogaloo, and it seemed unlikely that a garage/punk/pop line-up of equal awesomeness would be experienced in the East Bay ever again. Boy, were we happy to be wrong!

On July 5, 2014, the fine folks at Total Trash Productions and Burger Records brought the Boogaloo back to Mosswood Park, this time with rock’n’roll legend Ronnie Spector headlining the second day of the two-day music fest. But before we jump ahead, let’s recap action-packed Day 1 with a slew of photos and one animated GIF.

Portland’s White Fang kicked things off with hilarious 420 jams, cartwheels, and bursts of calisthenics. At one point, the singer and drummer switched roles so that the drummer could run a lap around the amphitheater with the wireless…

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