Lyndsay & Mike’s Intimate Napa Elopement

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Lyndsay & Mike01
Couples frequently get engaged in exotic locales, but Mike took it to the next level when he and Lyndsay were on vacation in London: In preparation for his proposal, he secretly had a graffiti artist paint “Blondie <heart> Steele” on a wall right on Kingsland Road in Hoxton (Steele’s his last name and Lyndsay is, well, blonde). We can’t even begin to imagine Lyndsay’s face when he unveiled the surprise and popped the question!

We had the privilege of capturing their joy in July, however, when they journeyed from Texas to tie the knot at Napa’s Meritage Resort & Spa. We also had the pleasure of seeing (and photographing!) Mike’s expression when Lyndsay revealed a surprise of her own after their touching ceremony: “Blondie <heart> Steele” painted on canvas and unrolled against a backdrop of leafy grapevines. So sweet!

Afterwards, they enjoyed their first dance in the summer sunshine with…

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Erin Sara & Lucian’s Zootastic Post-Wedding Excursion

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Remember Erin Sara and Lucian’s woodsy Pacific Northwest wedding? The next day, we joined our newlyweds across the sound at the Woodland Park Zoo for a post-wedding photo session. Erin Sara had volunteered there when they lived in Seattle and was thus able to give us a whirlwind tour of the grounds before the zoo closed for the day.

In one hour, we sped past twirling gorillas, pacing jaguars, and lounging wolves; stared down curious meercats; rode a sleeping komodo dragon, hung out with giraffes; took several spins on the carousel; climbed a thorny tree; and spied on endangered birds, among many other glorious things. How could it be anything but fun??? Check out our still and animated images below.

carousel ride

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Running Amok in Berkeley with Eliza, AJ & Artie

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What’s more fun than an engagement session with a crafty, creative couple? An engagement session with their canine companion!

Eliza and AJ have spent most of their relationship restoring pieces or creating magic with material from Urban Ore, a salvage yard in Berkeley, so we were excited to meet them and their scrappy pup Artie (named after the intrepid Warehouse 13 agent) there. The place is chockablock with freestanding doors, windows, sinks, furniture, and more, and we had a blast exploring its nooks and crannies while Artie kept an eye out for the resident kitties. We especially enjoyed the photography section (of course!), where Eliza and AJ messed around with a couple of Polaroids that we were tempted to buy.

Once the shop closed, we made our way to Point Isabel Regional Shoreline, an off-leash dog park that’s one of Eliza and AJ’s favorite places to let Artie get…

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Jillian & Ryan’s San Francisco Firehouse Wedding

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When Jillian and Ryan told us that they were getting married in a historic firehouse and also renting a streetcar to transport them and their guests, we knew their wedding day would be pretty darn spectacular. The day started at the swank Galleria Park Hotel, where our couple and their loved ones got ready for their special day. There, they had an emotional first look on the rooftop garden before the streetcar whisked them and their wedding party to Lafayette Park for portraits. Also along for the rollicking ride were giant, photo-real cutouts of Jillian, Ryan, and their cat’s faces on sticks (baffled? Check out the photos below!).

As it turned out, a wedding was underway at the park when we arrived so Jillian, Ryan, and their entourage quietly jumped and ran around, mimed laughter, and otherwise enjoyed the breezy, sunny, summer day while we snapped photos of them…

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