Kristen & Bryan’s Nerdalicious New Year’s Eve Wedding

Wild About You Photography


Kristen and Bryan’s Harry Potterinfused engagement session did not prepare us at all for the jaw-dropping amazeballs extravaganza that would be their New Year’s eve wedding.

“We knew from the beginning that we wanted to incorporate our nerdy side and make our wedding feel personalized,” says Kristen. “We wanted our guests to arrive at the wedding and think ‘this is Kristen and Bryan’s wedding.’ We wanted it to have our personality and not take it too seriously. New Year’s eve seemed like the perfect night for us to get married because we could have a wonderful over-the-top party.”

Judging by all the “wows” and gasps we heard at every turn, from the fairy-dusted candlelit ceremony chamber to the glittering enchanted forest reception to the glamtastic dancefloor, they succeeded.

Their day started at the Galleria Park Hotel, where a dinosaur attempted to inhale Kristen’s sparkly shoes, mischievous Harry…

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