Erin Sara and Lucian’s Woodsy Pacific Northwest Wedding

Wild About You Photography


You might recall Erin Sara and Lucian’s epic vampire-slaying engagement adventure earlier this year. Last month, we joined them at Kitsap Memorial State Park, just a ferry ride away from Seattle, for their rustic wedding in the woods. Surrounded by lush, towering trees, forest weddings can’t help but be majestic, but the views of serene Puget Sound (among other things) made theirs extra special.

The heartfelt ceremony was filled with many fun surprises, including a pinky swear and a chemistry-based unity ceremony, wherein they each poured a clear liquid into a Florence flask and, after a few minutes, the flask contents turned black. Erin Sara and Lucian’s glorious readings evoked much laughter and gasping (Erin Sara read Tim Pratt’s “Scientific Romance”; Lucian read Frank O’Hara’s “Having a Coke with You”) and were so them they could’ve past them off as their own writings. Their friend and officiant Adam…

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