Ashley & Matthew’s Princess Bride-Inspired Fairytale Wedding

Wild About You Photography


Once upon a time, a bright-eyed young couple from the city of angels stumbled upon a mystical kingdom called Nestldown. Tucked amid the Santa Cruz Mountains, this wonderland boasted rolling meadows, towering redwoods, curious woodland creatures, waterfalls, and a koi pond, as well as a hobbit-sized home and an abandoned dragon’s lair. They hopped aboard the small train that looped the grounds for a tour.

“This is the place!” they proclaimed jubilantly. “This is where our two hearts will become one!”

As it transpired, we had the good fortune to be present for their extraordinary day. When we arrived, Matthew and his groomsmen were tidying up the cozy cottage in case the hobbit returned from an epic journey. Afterward, he presented them with custom railroad spike bottle openers in appreciation of their friendship. Matthew cleaned up nicely, channeling Prince Charming in a slim gray tuxedo.

Meanwhile, six bridesmaids in raspberry-colored…

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