Stars behind the barn

Been awhile since I’ve posted any personal work on here. Really like this one though and it was recently “explored” on Flickr. Thought I’d share here too.
I’ve been posting personal stuff here and there to my Flickr page though. Have a look if you like. Just haven’t had time to do any blogging.

I shot this while trying to catch a meteor shower that never happened. Stayed up late hoping to get an amazing time lapse of the shower.
I was visiting my family back in Illinois. Out in the middle of the country. Not used to seeing so many stars so had to take the opportunity to photograph them.
While setting up in the almost total darkness, coyotes were howling in the distance. It sounded like they were about a hundred yards away but figured if they were that close the pregnant barn kitty that was at my feet wouldn’t be. The shower never came but still got a good set of shots anyway. About 117 30 second exposures stacked in Photoshop. So about an hour or so exposure. Still haven’t made the time lapse yet. Will probably post when do.
Nikon D4s with 16-35mm VR Lens.

Stars Behind The Barn

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