Ashley & Matt’s Magical Nestldown Adventure

Wild About You Photography

Ashley & Matt01
Tucked away in the Santa Cruz Mountains, Nestldown feels like an enchanted forest in which fairies, elves, hobbits, and frog princes dwell. We were absolutely smitten with it after photographing Denisse and Jay’s wedding there last year , and happily returned to meet up with Ashley and Matt, who are getting married there in May.

After we explored the sprawling grounds of towering redwoods, koi-filled ponds, and technicolor tulips together, Ashley and Matt retired to the tiny cottage that appeared to belong to an ebony-haired beauty and several stout, hard-working fellows. There they enjoyed a spot of tea and a fairytale or two before tidying up and heading into the surrounding woods, where we discovered some dragon’s eggs, a throne, and a majestic lion.

Although we’re a tad disappointed we didn’t turn up tiny pots of glittering gold or encounter hairy trolls that demanded payment when we tromped over wooden…

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