Athena & Zam’s Playful Hong Kong Pre-Wedding Session

Hong Kong pre-wedding/Engagement shoot!!!

Wild About You Photography

Athena & Zam 1

We were in Hong Kong last month to celebrate our first wedding anniversary (my, how time flies when you’re having fun!) but took a break from our usual itinerary of eating, walking, and more eating to meet Athena & Zam for a pre-wedding session in Wan Chai. Our location? The Blue House, a super-photogenic 1920s tenement on Stone Nullah Lane that blends Chinese and Western architectural elements. Although you can’t go inside it, it attracts quite a few tourists—in fact, one couple snapped photos all around it and then insisted on taking a photo with Athena!

But waitwhat’s a pre-wedding session, you ask? Think of an engagement session, but with the bride all dolled up in her wedding gown and the groom in his snazziest suit. Oh, and the session lasts all day, if not several days. Pre-wedding sessions are popular in numerous Asian countries…

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