Katie & Allan’s Sizzling Private Vineyard Elopement

Wild About You Photography

When Katie & Allan journeyed from Canada with their nine trusty witnesses to elope in Napa, they expected nothing less than a gorgeous, sunny, California day. As it turned out, they arrived at their Own Private Vineyard on one of Napa’s hottest days of 2013 (in September, no less). Luckily, they came prepared with paper parasols, sunglasses, good spirits, and a coolerful of beer to supplement the celebratory wine and champagne.

Despite the 95-degree heat, our Canadian couple barely broke a sweat when they exchanged vows and rings. Even the cream cheese frosting on their wedding cake remained solid! (They obviously brought some serious magic with them.) Additionally, we learned that Katie’s cousin had recently become engaged, so we managed to squeeze in an impromptu engagement session with her and her newly minted fiancé before the party hit the road. How awesome is that? Here’s the day in pictures.
katie & allan 2
katie & allan 3
katie & allan 4
katie & allan 5
katie & allan 6
katie & allan 7
katie & allan 8
katie & allan 9
katie & allan 12
katie & allan 13

katie & allan 14
katie & allan 15
katie & allan 16
katie & allan 17
wedding toes
katie & allan 20
katie & allan 21
katie & allan 22
katie & allan 23
katie & allan 19
katie & allan 24
katie & allan 25


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