Marissa & Andy’s Woodsy Supermoon Wedding

Wild About You Photography

marissa-andy 1
Marissa and Andy both share a fondness for the outdoors (you might remember their engagement session among the redwoods) so it’s no surprise that they choose Piedmont Community Hall in which to get hitched back in June. PCH is an unassuming venue tucked in a residential neighborhood, which makes its amenities (cozy amphitheater, elegant barnlike structure, Japanese teahouse, lush walkways) even more surprising. It’s a gorgeous spot that Marissa and Andy, as well as their family and friends, imbued with lots of love.

We were blown away when we learned how many friends and family members were a vital part of the wedding. Marissa’s cousin Shannon, for instance, spent five days baking goodies for the dessert table. A family friend constructed the succulent bouquet and boutonnière. A longtime friend handmade their wedding bands. A bevy of other friends provided officiant, catering/bartending, DJ, lighting, and photobooth services. Even their dog Tischa…

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