Capturing the Sound of Music with Jenn & Ajax

Wild About You Photography

jenn ajax1

We first captured Jenn and Ajax at their wedding a few years back and were beyond thrilled to photograph them again. Ajax, formerly of indie rock band Granfaloon Bus, currently plays in the Wrong Words and Thunderbleed aka Blind Vengeance. We weren’t surprised when he told us that he and Jenn were “starring in the new Sound of Music remake that takes place in Mexico during the Mexican-American War. Maria is kicked out of the cantina where she works and becomes the nanny to the rich general Emilio Von Trapp just before the outbreak of the war. After teaching the General’s kids how to sing, they daringly swim the Rio Grande to avoid conscription.”

Throughout our East Bay session, Ajax serenaded us with songs from the revamped musical, including “These Are a Few of My Favorite Tacos,” “Climb Every Mayan Pyramid,” “I Am Dieciséis Going on Diecisiete,” and “So…

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