Hey! Ho! Gweilo in Tai O!

On the last day of the first half of our Hong Kong trip we hopped the MRT over to Lantau and then grabbed a bus over to the small fishing village of Tai O.

It was a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong. I took a lot of photos of this very scenic spot and it went something like this.

Tai O B&W-2

Lantau Island Sky Tram thingy

Last time in HK we took one of these down from the Po Lin Monastery. This time we just took a bus around the island to Tai O.

Tai O B&W-4

On the bus

Saw a bunch of feral cows wandering around.

Tai O B&W-3

Feral Cows

At first we walked over the wrong bridge.

Tai O B&W-5

Tai O fishing

It was still pretty cool though.

Tai O B&W-6

Tai O B&W-7

Tai O B&W-8

Tai O B&W-9

Back to the proper tourist side we saw the famous stilt houses.

Tai O B&W

Tai O B&W-4

A lot of fishermen and bicyclists

Tai O B&W.jpg

Tai O B&W-2

We took a little boat ride around the river and out into the ocean.

Tai O

Tai O-3.jpg

Tai O-4.jpg

Tai O 5

Then did a lot of random exploring around the town. The market, temples etc.

Tai O Village

Seafood Kitty

Seafood Kitty

Tai O Village

Tai O Village-2

Sorting the Fishes

Fly Swatter

Fly Swatter

Tai O Training Wheels

Tai O Training Wheels. I guess you’re never to old to learn.

Tai O Village

Tai O Village-2

We watched the sunset.

Lily at Sunset in Tai O

Dragon Mouth Sunset

Dragon Mouth Sunset

Tai O Village-5

Tai O Village-7

Tai O Village-8

Tai O Village-9

Sun Ki Bridge

Sun Ki Bridge Crosser

Tai O Village-3

Spreading out the Fish

Red Biker

Tai O Dog

So many colors and textures to shoot

Tai O Transpo

Pink Paddle


The market lights were coming on

Girl on Bike

An Early Evening Game

An Early Evening Game

Basket Pup

Tai O Village Evening

Night Shooter

Tai O Village Honeymoon

The sky was turning a lovely color which contrasted nicely against the market lights. A lot of people were headed to and fro on their bikes.

Swerve to avoid carts

Evening Conversations

Why is that gweilo taking our photo?

Biking at Dusk

Night Shopper

Tai O Village Kitty

Tai O Village-2

Tai O Village-3

Riding down the way

Tai O Village Night Biking

Checking out the Fishes

Tai O Village

Took a couple long exposures of the boats during which a dude came up and started talking to me. Friendly enough, even if he did refer to me as “Gweilo” which I think is pretty much Cantonese for “honky”. How life is great in a small fishing town, very relaxed etc, but obviously not much money to be made ‘cuz he wanted me to buy some good luck trinkets from him. I would have but had just borrowed money from the wifey just to get a bottle of water. A rather over-priced one at that. But yeah, I thought I’d made a new friend but he just wanted me to buy something. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m all for it. A man’s gotta eat. Or perhaps drink in his case. Which I can also understand. What a strange life it must be to live there. This coming from somebody who grew up surrounded by cornfields in Illinois…

Tai O Night Boats Pano

Tai O Village Boats

We then headed back to the MRT and back to Kowloon where I finished up my Hong Kong shooting with some night street shots with lighting from these cool billboards. And this practice of using leading lines in the MRT station.

Lily MRT Tunnel

Texting by the light



Kowloon Neon Lily

We ate at some Chinese restaurant that looked like an American diner. I tried preserved lemon coke. It was quite good. Along with some more beef noodle soup. Even in a fast food looking place it was quite delish!

Lily at a Kowloon Diner

Kowloon Nights

Kowloon Nights

The next morning we headed to Taiwan where we stayed for a few days before heading back to HK. More on that to come.
For any camera or shooting info just click on any of the above shots to take you to my flickr page. All the data is on the bottom right. Unless it was shot with my Leica which I mentioned in the tags. Mostly it was the D600 with either the 20mm F2.8D or 85mm F1.8D. Leica was with the 40mm M-Rokkor or Voigtlander 12mm. Thanks for stopping by.

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