W.A.Y. did a shoot at the W.A.C. Lily got some great stuff. I shot some bhs stuff that I’ll probably post in a few days, for now dig this!!!!

Wild About You Photography

krissy 1

We’ve been wanting to check out the Way Out Cafe in San Francisco ever since Greg “Rip Off” Lowery (a stalwart in SF’s ’90s garage rock scene) and Debbie Horn (of the Go-Going-Gone Girls) opened its doors last spring, naming their new venture after one of Supercharger’s albums. In addition to fueling locals during the week, they’ve been hosting highly caffeinated Sunday waffle parties that look like an absolute blastand how could they not be, infused with day-glo decor, groovy James Bondinspired art, and hip-swiveling tunes?

A few weeks ago, we finally pulled on our go-go boots and met up with Kristin, makeup and hair artist extraordinaire. We made ourselves at home (oh boy, did we ever!) as we scarfed down waffles and croissants, washed down with peppermint almond milk cocoa, coffee, and fresh-squeezed orange juice. I’m looking forward to DJing their waffle party on…

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