Rain or Shine Motion Snapshots Compilation 1

So yeah, I’m one of the suckers who went out and bought the Nikon V1 when it was first announced. Paid like 1000 bucks for the kit and the 10mm pancake, plus the flash and yeah. Sucker. Now they’re giving them away for like 350 bucks!

Thing is, I still really like it. Well, for what it is. A small take anywhere camera that does good video, slow motion, has super fast auto focus, good image quality and an intervalometer for shooting time lapse. Something the other mirrorless system cameras lack. I sorta wish I’d waited for the Fuji XE1 or the Olympus OM-D E5 but I got it and like it and I would recommend it at the new price point.

One of the interesting things on it is this goofy little “motion snapshot” mode. I used it quite a bit when I first got the camera because it was sorta funny to watch the short little slow motion clips set to cheese ball music on the back of the camera. I pretty much quit using it though. Now that I’m now finally putting the clips together (to my own choice of music) I guess I  sorta like the way they look. Heck, I might even start using the mode again just so I can do more of these.

Here’s a brief snapshot into what the early part of 2012 looked like for us. A trip to SF Chinatown, Big Sur and Monterey, a few birthday parties and other what have you’ze.

Hope you dig

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