Marriage License Day Digital Flip Book

Marriage License Day Digital Flip Book from Chris Anderson on Vimeo.

Back in August we took the BART over to SF to get our marriage license, I took the Nikon V1 and shot a bunch of goofy stills. Put ’em together in this little animated digital flip book. A little bit of pre-wedding fun. Of course the wedding stuff gets pretty much dominated by my desire to shoot street photography on Market street;). Our actual honeymoon was in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I’ll get to those pics of these days.
Song is “wedding bells” by Richard “Popcorn” Wylie

extra note

Let me say that I’m sorry I’ve been lagging on my blogligations! My last non-Wild About You post I mentioned a dear friend being hit by a drunk driver and put in a coma. Well, he didn’t make it.  It really put the hurt on me and a huge group of so many people that he’d touched in his too short life.  I guess I’ve only been able to focus on work lately and have a huge back log of photos I haven’t shared. From stuff around our wedding to honeymoon in Hong Kong and Taiwan and many more.

Watching the new Girl Chocolate video the other night I saw that they put Reggie’s name in the Dearly Departed part of the credits. It was touching. I sorta figured they’d do something like that since he’s worked with them and what not but it was still good to see. Reggie wasn’t one to be knocked down for too long. He was a person that lived his life to the fullest. I’m still in shock even though it’s been about two months. Back in Chicago last week I was staying at his best friend for years house. We were looking at Reggie’s old photo albums and they were pretty much partially my albums. I used to shoot stuff for all the events he put on. Plus when he had Push skate shop, I shot almost all the ads and whatever else. Plus promos for the DJ nights that he hosted etc. Remember being down on whatever many times or second guessing my photography and Reggie always Pushing me to keep doing it. I guess now is not the time to stop.

I can’t stress enough how lucky I am to have the most amazing wife. Putting this slide show video together just gives you a glimpse of the goofy good times we have. She’s been so supportive and yeah, I’m one lucky dude.

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