Mount Fuji Sunset and Perfect Ramen in Piss Alley

After leaving Taiwan we headed to Tokyo for an extended layover of a few days. Upon arrival we caught the train and headed out to our hotel which was near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

Lucky for us it was just before sunset and the sky was unusually clear so you could see Mount Fuji in the distance and the sun setting down right above it. I had my trusty mini-tripod with me and set up a HDR time-lapse of the beautiful event happening before our eyes. The camera’s multiple clicks certainly got a few looks and after awhile drew the attention of a security guard who informed me of their no tripod rule. Of course this tripod is only a few inches tall but whatever, I don’t speak Japanese and didn’t feel like arguing. Instead I have to interrupt my time-lapse and set the camera down in the window sill a few inches lower than it was on the tripod. Which of course made sure that I couldn’t just put the damned sequence all together because of the big movement, ugh. This is the same sequence that I was trying to put together that killed my Imac a few months ago. Anyway, here it is and perhaps I’ll have a full size version of it in a upcoming time-lapse collection I’ll probably make.

Mt Fuji Sunset Cinemagraph 01

Mt Fuji Sunset Cinemagraph 02

After watching the lovely sunset we headed over to Shinjuku area to find something to eat. I’d read in our travel guide a little about “Piss Alley” which was a popular drinking area in the 40’s that was rather lacking in restroom facilities and must have smelled just lovely. It was all but destroyed in 1999 by fire but has been re-built to be a “memory lane” but still maintains it’s “Piss Alley” moniker. I didn’t so much smell piss as I did delicious yakitori. Or at least what I’m assuming was delicious. Lily doesn’t eat meat so I didn’t want to drag her somewhere to watch me do so. Instead we found a tiny little noodle shop and decided to try it out. I saw a picture of one that looked spicy and since I was cold figured that’s just what I needed. The husband and wife worked to compile together the big bowls. I saw the man looking around the counters for different hot sauces and started to worry a bit. Just how spicy was this going to be? It came looking quite red and a bit scary, oh well, I wanted to warm up. Took the first bite and was just amazed at the amount of flavor. It was indeed spicy but not in a “blow your head off” sorta way, just warming and flavorful. Simply amazing. I looked at the man and gave him my best international look of “holy shit, this is the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted” I could come up with. A weird young dude sat next to us slurping up his ramen while reading a Manga comic and drinking a beer. Here’s some pics I took around the area.

Making Ramen in Piss Alley

Making Ramen in Piss Alley | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 1/320 at ISO 1250

Worlds greatest Ramen

Worlds greatest Ramen | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens at F4.5 1/40 ISO 1250

Piss Alley Window

Grilling up the Yakitori in a Piss Alley window | Nikon D700 F1.4 lens at 3.2 1/100 ISO 1600

Piss Alley Corner Stall

Piss Alley Corner Stall | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens at F3.5 1/125 at ISO 800

Piss Alley Tokyo

Piss Alley Tokyo | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 Lens at 1.4 1/400 ISO 1250

Piss Alley Night

Piss Alley Night | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens 3 shot bracketed and merged in HDR Efex Pro 2

Tokyo Window

Tokyo Window | Nikon D700 Multiple shots merged in HDR Efex Pro 2

Tokyo Smoke Break

Tokyo Smoke Break | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens Multiple shots merged in HDR Efex Pro 2

Tokyo Premium Diptych

Some kinda Japanes Hooters? | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 various exposures

I swear, it really doesn’t smell like piss anymore!

Tokyo Masked

Tokyo Masked | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens at 3.2 1/250 ISO 1600

And now for some pretty lights all multiple shots merged in layers in CS5 and using lighten blending mode.

Tokyo Transpo

Tokyo Transpo

Tokyo Black Kar

Tokyo Black Kar

Busy Tokyo Street at night

Busy Tokyo Street at night




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