Tainan Digital Flipbook

Here’s a video “flipbook” of our time in Tainan. I decided not to add the film shots or the eating time-lapse but here’s all the D700 stuff. Enjoy:)

Tainan temples, fortresses, rain-drenched streets and lively night markets. All to the sweet sound of the Ketamines.

2 thoughts on “Tainan Digital Flipbook

  1. i am going to taiwan this april on a nursing study abroad. we will be spending the majority of our time in tainan. any suggestions of what i should see?

    • Hi Paige, Lucky you!
      I would love to go back. When I was doing research I found this great blog all about Tainan on WP.
      I wish I would have read it before going. We used the “rough guide” travel guide and it was pretty good but his blog has lots of great insider info.
      Also some amazing panoramic photos he shot here
      I really liked that Shangri La hotel. Cool to go in there and lurk around, eat brunch up top.
      The area around Confucius temple with the narrow door cafe.. Man, there’s so much.
      And we didn’t even see all that much of it.
      Also the train ride to Kaohsiung is only like half an hour and there’s tons of stuff do there as well.
      I’m sure you’ll have a great time

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