Around Yanping Street, Tainan

After seeing some of the sites around Anping (fort, treehouse, Koxinga, this that and the other) we headed over to Yanping street to try to score some snack food. My street shooter senses kicked in and I shot like mad. The streets were really alive in this picturesque area. Interesting folks and whole familys zipping by on their way home from school or wherever. Anyway, best to just show you some of the photos. Enjoy.

Tainan Biker

Tainan Biker | Nikon D700 24mm F3.5 1/1600 ISO 800

This dude sorta reminded me of my Grandpa Bill’s old drinking buddy “Rusty,” who is the LAST person I would expect to see in Taiwan. Anyway, I think he is probably with my Grandpa in that big bar in the sky these days. Is that a mini-keg on the back of that bike? Nah, probably just a propane tank, oh well.

The 85mm F1.8 lens rules for getting fast shots of dashing scooters. Nikon just released a new version of it but I don’t know that I’ll be getting it. I have no complaints of this one at all. The auto focus is lightning fast and usually dead on. Not always as you might see, but still good. I sorta wanted the 1.4 but couldn’t figure out exactly why I would need that extra stop for almost three times the money. Plus it’s small and inconspicuous. Anyway, it’s a fantastic street shooter and here’s a few shots.

Scooter Duder 2

Scooter Duder 2 | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 1/500 ISO 200

Darth and family home from school | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 1/500 ISO 200

Darth and family home from school | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 1/500 ISO 200

Yanping Cyclist

Yanping Cyclist | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 1/800 ISO 200

Cruising down the road

Cruising down the road | Nikon D700 85mm F5.6 1/500 ISO 800

Duder on a scooter

Duder on a scooter | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 1/640 ISO 200

Of course the 24mm F1.4 lens is no slouch, either. Probably my other favorite lens. Too bad it’s so big, since big glass comes big lens.

Plaid Party on the streets of Tainan

Plaid Party on the streets of Tainan | Nikon D700 24mm F5.6 1/320 ISO 800

School's out

School's out | Nikon D700 24mm F3.5 1/250 ISO 800

I think we were near or passing the Anping Oyster Shell Cement Kiln Museum. Not entirely certain but these ladies were certainly shucking anyway. Probably for all the very popular oyster omelets.

Mother Shuckers

Mother Shuckers | Nikon D700 24mm F3.5 1/80 ISO 800

Oyster Shucker

Oyster Shucker | Nikon D700 24mm F3.5 1/160 ISO 800

And last but not least a few shots from around Anping as well.

Kaitai Tianhou Temple Panoramic

Kaitai Tianhou Temple Panoramic | Nikon D700 24mm F4.5 9 shots merged to HDR and Panoramic using HDR Efex Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS5

Kaitai Tianhou Temple Interior 2

Kaitai Tianhou Temple Interior 2 | Nikon D700 24mm F2.2 ISO 400 3 shots merged in HDR Efex Pro

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