Testing the Nikon V1 with some live Rock and Roll

Just recently got one of those new fancy loved or hated Nikon V1’s. I’ve been wanting to get a smaller non-point and shoot camera but couldn’t decide between Olympus, Sony, Fuji etc. It was pretty much the intervolometer, video features, fast auto focus and the fact that I’ll be able to use my Nikon lenses that made me go for the V1. I just got back from a weekend in Big Sur with it and might do a full user report here soon. For now I just wanna show what a great job it did shooting a couple of my friends’ great bands the night that I got. This footage is straight outta the camera just a few hours after picking it up from Looking Glass.

Here’s Oakland “City Rock” kings City Deluxe

and the terrific new band
Gravy’s Drops who have already released my favorite record for 2012

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