Taichung From the Hip

Here’s a quick post of some street photos I took around and about Taichung and on the way there. Not much to say just another day on the Taichung streets and trains.

Market Clean Up

Day Market Clean Up | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 lens at 2.8 1/100th Iso 400

Taichung Day Market

Taichung Day Market | Nikon D700 85mm F2.8 1/400 iso 400

Taichung Day Market 2

Taichung Day Market 2 | Nikon D700 85mm F2.8 1/80 iso 400

Taichung Photo Shoot

Taichung Photo Shoot | Nikon D700 85mm F3.2 1/2500 iso 400

Taichung Bus Stop Girl

Taichung Bus Stop Girl | Nikon D700 85mm F3.2 1/3200 iso 400

Taichung Bus Stop Man

Taichung Bus Stop Man | Nikon D700 85mm F3.2 1/2000 iso 400

Train To Taichung B&W

Train To Taichung B&W | Nikon Fm2 20mm exposure not recorded but metered for train's interior Kodak TRI-X 400

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