Taichung Short Attention Span Slideshow Part 1

Here’s the fourth installment of my “short attention span slideshow” series of our trip to Taiwan. Go to my Vimeo page and watch the others if you like this one.

This time-lapse video features our train ride from Taipei to Taichung and then around town for an evening of bubble tea, crazy traffic and pig’s foot noodle soup. Music is “by the hand” by the very awesome Puffy Areolas off of their Hozac 7″ (find it here).

And here’s a few more stills from the first night. One of the local favorites is pig’s foot noodle soup. It didn’t sound so great to me but I figured “when in Rome….”  Actually, it was pretty damned delicious!

Taichung Pigs Foot Soup

Taichung pig's foot noodle soup | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens wide open at ISO 800 1/640

Chun Shui Tang Bubble Tea!

Chun Shui Tang bubble tea! | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens at 1.8 ISO 1600 1/100

The above location invented bubble tea circa 1983. Legend is that the owner’s mother mixed gelatine balls from her market stall with leftover tea. However they managed to do it, they still do it the best. This was by far and away the most delicious I’d ever had. The tapioca balls tasted as if each one was handrolled into the most perfect precious pearl. I tried the one with oolong tea and fresh fruit. It was simply spectacular.

I thought Taipei had a lot of scooters, but it was nothing compared to the “Chungle.” There were also more cute dogs than you could wag a tail at!

Wheelchair Scooter

Wheelchair scooter | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 ISO 400 1/50th

Dog Resting in Taichung Doorway

Dog resting in Taichung doorway | Nikon D700 85mm F1.8 ISO 1600 1/1000th

Taichung Scooter shop panoramic

Taichung scooter shop panoramic | Nikon D700 24mm F1.4 lens ISO 400 1/100; 6 shots merged in Photoshop CS5


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